GKI offers products that are perfect for sweetening up any seasonal holiday. These marketable candies are best ordered at least six months before the holiday occurs, to allow for enough time for manufacturing and customer purchases.

The festive pretzels are the best sellers of these seasonal goodies, but GKI also offers sandwich cookies, barks and pretzels that are decorated according to the holiday.

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Our specialty seasonal candies include:


Chocolate Easter Pretzels w/ Pink & YellowChocolate Easter Pretzels w/ Pink & Yellow Stripes

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White Frosted Easter Pretzel w Pink PurpleYogurt Easter Pretzels w/holiday striping

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Yogurt Easter Sandwich Cookie w/holiday striping


Chocolate Halloween PretzelsChocolate Harvest Pretzels w/holiday striping

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Pumpkin Spiced Bark w SwirlPumpkin Spice Bark

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Peppermint Holiday BarkPeppermint Tuxedo Bark

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