Fancy Enrobed

Our fancy enrobed products include any treat that is covered with one of any variety of coatings. From pretzels to fruit to peanuts and other nuts, these enrobed confections come from recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Enrobing is the traditional way of coating products and an enrober is a machine that a product passes through to be coated.  Chocolate and other coatings must be properly tempered or conditioned to achieve the taste and look we pride ourselves on. Most of our enrobed products are cooked and then deposited or cut prior to enrobing. We hope you enjoy them!

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Our variety of fancy enrobed candies include:

Enrobed Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate

Ginger Snaps, Pretzels, Toffee Bars and more

Enrobed Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate

Peanut Clusters, Almond Bark, Mint Patties and more

Enrobed SpecialtySpecialty

Holiday Pretzels, Pumpkin Spiced Bark, Sandwich Cookies and more

Enrobed YogurtYogurt

Ginger Snaps, Peanut Clusters, Fruit and Nut Clusters and more

Enrobed CarobCarob

Peanut Clusters, Coconut Clusters, Fruit and Nut Clusters and more

Enrobed No Sugar AddedNo Sugar Added

Cocoa Clusters, Peanut Brittle, Almond Clusters and more