Manufacturing Process

Quality: It’s More than Ingredients

We’re committed to producing exceptionally high-quality products, which is why we strive for excellence in all areas of production. Premium ingredients are only part of the equation; state-of-the-art equipment, a rigorous inspection process, taste testing and quality control are equally important.


Equipment and Capabilities

GKI’s manufacturing facilities are well equipped for creating candies in an efficient, safe environment. Our equipment and capabilities include:

  • Large-line enrobers for our fancy enrobed products
  • High-capacity, stainless steel coating pans for our panned candies
  • Commercial ovens for our granola
  • Striping and decorating
  • Packaging equipment, including a new gusset machine


New Equipment

We recently purchased additional pans, enrobers, ovens, data systems, and packaging machinery to help support our growth with current and new customers. This equipment will help us continue to provide quality products at cost-efficient prices.

Safety and Certifications

GKI is proud to meet the GFSI Standards for product safety. We are BRC Certified to enhance the safety of our food, and also produce kosher and organic products that are certified to national and local standards. Additionally, we implement a proactive quality control program, GMP, HACCP and Master Sanitation policies.


Packaging, Private Labeling and Design

Because we’re more than just a candy and snack food manufacturer, we’re always thinking about creative ways to give our customers as many options as possible.

Packaging: Our tub line, form-fill-seal line and gusset machine give you more ways to package your products.

Private Labeling: With private labeling, we can assist you in creating a candy, confection or granola from scratch, or carry through the look and feel of an existing brand.

Design and Branding: We can assist you with custom package design services. Whether you want your look to be elegant, contemporary, playful or somewhere in between, we can help you create the ideal brand for your products.

Contact us using our email form or call 248-486-0055 to learn more about how we can assist you.